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About Dan

Since 2002, Dan has written, recorded and performed on stages and studios on three continents, lending his guitar talent and song-driven musicality to singer-songwriters, folk troubadours, worship artists, TV shows, and many stops in between.

An experienced session guitarist, he has played on several thousand recordings and is a musician of choice for an ever-increasing number of artists and producers who have come to value his focus, attitude and delivery in the studio. Whether it be rough and rootsy or clean and classy, Dan enjoys a well-earned reputation for delivering the tones and parts required.

"Whether in the recording studio, on stage or in writing rooms, Dan contributes a unique creativity, consummate musical skill and positive attitude. I have been privileged to work with many world-class writers and musicians during my extensive career, and it is my opinion that Dan has the ability to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them."
Paul Field (Ivor Novello, ASCAP and GMA Dove award-winning songwriter, artist and producer)

"As someone who co-writes regularly, it means so much to me to know the writers I work with are inspirational, musically capable and passionate. Dan is all of these and more. A precious soul well worth spending time with as a writer."
Chris Eaton (multiple US & UK #1 and BMI and GMA Dove award-winning songwriter)

Dan's warm, organic sound and attention to detail have given him the opportunity to produce for a wide range of established artists and upcoming talent alike. He particularly values the chance to let the song lead the way, crafting instruments and textures around the vocal to maximize each artist's individual creative expression.

"Dan is an annoyingly talented guitarist, and a tiresomely capable producer with the really maddening ability to turn budgets at all levels into sonic gold. I've worked with him for years, and this sorry situation has just got worse and worse - employ him at your peril." Yours irked, Nigel Palmer
(Mastering Engineer at Lowland Masters)

Dan is based in Franklin, Tennessee,  where he divides his time between touring as guitarist for recording artist David Phelps and collaborating with other writers and artists, as well as ongoing production and session work.

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Here are just a few of the projects he's been a part of:

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